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Recent study on employees

81% of employees would consider leaving today if the right place called. Disengaged employees cost U.S companies alone $450 - 500 Billion each year.

Your employees are your greatest asset, especially when they are motivatedskilled and engaged.

Your employees, the soul of your company, have plateaus in their lives which are constantly restricting them from moving onto the next level, be it limiting beliefs, disadvantageous mindsets, or a lack of positive self efficacy, all of these things greatly impact their performance. Personal development ought to be an ever-growing journey which constantly leads to the personal growth of your employees which will allow them to give their utmost best to your organization and that will increase both the bottom line of your organization and the employee engagement and commitment.

This is why we're here!!

Results You Can Count On
Engaged Employees
Motivated Staff
Employee Retention
Employee Productivity
Employee Satisfaction



• Breaking High-Performance Plateaus for Executives
• Uni-Mind: Creating Synergy for High-Performance Teams
• Executives Series: Knowing The Kryptonite to SuperPerformance
• How to Beat Any Disruption
• Increasing Sales: The 3 Indispensable Keys To Bottom Line Growth
• From Employee to Entrepreneur 
You can expect a well-crafted and customisable talk which will not only be INSPIRATIONAL but one that will also be PRACTICAL, INSIGHTFUL and ACTIONABLE.
We offer:
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**Each of these options can be accompanied by follow-up strategy sessions from Webster and his team**

Option 1#

A one-off 45 min - 1 hour
​motivational talk

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Option 2#

A sequence of motivational talks spread over a week/month at a set time-frame

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Option 3#

A series of motivational talks building on each other weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for a set period of time

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• High-Performance Strategies for Executives
• High-Performance Strategies for Managers
• Innovation and Adaptation Strategies for Relevance
• The Employee Turned Entrepreneur: The Key to Organisational Growth
• Energy Management for Executives
Corporations hire us to consult on our topics of expertise because they need someone who is not from their corporation, a different eye, to come and help them to develop their employees into high-performing staff and teams. You can expect an INSIGHTFUL and PRACTICAL presentation, which is both ACTIONABLE and EDUCATIONAL.
We offer:
work with us

**Each of these options can be accompanied by follow-up strategy sessions from Webster and his team**

Option 1#

A  one-off 30 min - 2 hour presentation 

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Option 2#

A workshop consisting of multiple shorter presentations

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Option 3#

A series of monthly/weekly presentations at a set time-frame

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