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Our values

Sennasi global consultants values

Our Purpose

To break the plateaus restricting high performance and success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the preferred consulting agency for corporations and businesses who want to reap the best from their workforce. By investing in the personal development of their workforce, they will reap staff and executives who are engaged and motivated in their work.

Our Genesis

There's no shortage of personal development agencies around, there is however a shortage of unique, effective, and trackable strategies and programs for organizational development.

Webster Tsenase is a professional speaker, serial entrepreneur, author, and contributor writer. He began his entrepreneurial journey at 18 as a confident and assertive young man who was ready to take over the world, but things didn't go quite according to plan. His businesses failed, one after the other, it also didn't help that the closest people around him misunderstood him and called him all sorts of names. His armor was finally pierced and all those failures along with his own perception of himself were poisoning his mindset and it all resulted in a negative change of behavior which restricted his personal and professional growth and success for years to come. 

It was in 2011 when it hit Webster that nothing about him had changed compared to his earlier days when he had that fire burning in him, except for his perception of himself. This led him to religiously research the various mindset theories as well as to create his own, which he applied to his life, and finally began seeing personal and professional results.

It's upon this foundation of getting one's mindset right, thus creating an internal environment for high performance to be developed and maintained, that Sennasi Global is built. 



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